David Lillis: Pervasive Sensing: Addressing the Heterogeneity Problem

Pervasive Sensing: Addressing the Heterogeneity Problem

Michael J. O'Grady, Olga Murdoch, Barnard Kroon, David Lillis, Dominic Carr, Rem W. Collier and Gregory M. P. O'Hare

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 450(1):012044, 2013.


Pervasive sensing is characterized by heterogeneity across a number of dimensions. This raises significant problems for those designing, implementing and deploying sensor networks, irrespective of application domain. Such problems include for example, issues of data provenance and integrity, security, and privacy amongst others. Thus engineering a network that is fit-for-purpose represents a significant challenge. In this paper, the issue of heterogeneity is explored from the perspective of those who seek to harness a pervasive sensing element in their applications. A initial solution is proposed based on the middleware construct.