David Lillis: Research


Below is a list of research and other academic projects in which I have participated.

CONSUS: Crop Optimisation Through Sensing, Understanding and Visualisation

CONSUS is a collaborative research partnership between University College Dublin (UCD) and Origin Enterprises PLC that has been supported through the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Strategic Partnership Programme. The €17.6 million five-year project will investigate digital, precision agriculture and crop science through a strong multi and inter-disciplinary approach that combines the leading expertise of UCD in data science and agricultural science with Origin's integrated crop management research, systems, capabilities and extensive on-farm knowledge exchange networks.

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ASTRA Agent Programming Language

ASTRA is a distributed/concurent programming language based on Agent-Oriented Programming.

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SIXTH is a middleware for the Sensor Web, originally developed in the CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies in UCD.

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ACRE (Agent Conversation Reasoning Engine) is a project designed to furnish agent platforms (and, by extension, the agents themselves) with the facilities necessary for reasoning about conversations. As messages are sent and received, ACRE will match these to conversations (following pre-defined protocols) and generate appropriate beliefs that will allow the developer to manage communication more easily.

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SIFT (Segmented Information Fusion Techniques) was an SFI-funded project based in UCD. It was aimed at applying fusion techniques in the area of Information Retrieval.

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Agent Factory

I was a developer for the Agent Factory framework, which was a central tool in my research on Multi Agent Systems. Agent Factory is a modular and extensible framework that provides comprehensive support for the development and deployment of agent-oriented applications.

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My MSc thesis was based on work I performed as part of the HOTAIR (Highly Organised Team of Agents for Information Retrieval) project, which was affiliated with the IIRG (Intelligent Information Retrieval Group) in UCD.

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HDip Major Project

My Major Project as part of my HDip in Computer Science (2002/03) was submitted on April Fools' Day 2003. The project was to build a website on which it is possible to book tickets for a fictional airline, based on the sites of the likes of Ryanair and Aer Lingus. It was done using Java Servlets with a MySQL database.

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Final Year Project

My Final Year Project for a BA in Law in Accounting, titled "Reputation on the Line Online - An Investigation into the Tort of Defamation on the Internet", was submitted on February 15th, 2002.

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