David Lillis: SIXTH: Cupid for the Sensor Web

SIXTH: Cupid for the Sensor Web

Barnard Kroon, Levent Görgü, Sean Russell, Olga Murdoch, David Lillis, Abraham G. Campbell and Gregory M. P. O'Hare

In Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI 2013), Dundalk, Ireland, 2013.


With the vast number of sensors on current and future mobile computing devices, as well as within our environment, a revolution in HCI is taking place. Devices with multiple sensors enable navigation applications, location-based searches, touch-based interfaces with haptic feedback and the promise of Augmented Reality, with devices such as Google Glass on the horizon. These new promising devices possess many sensors but may lack a specific sensor required for a given desired interaction. This paper proposes a solution using the SIXTH middleware platform to act as a matchmaker between devices to share sensor data by means of a sensor web. A brief exemplar case study is presented, where a device designed originally as a sensor-less optical see-through video player becomes self-adaptive by changing its display in response to ambient light data made accessible through a sensor web.