David Lillis: Practical Development of Hybrid Intelligent Agent Systems with SoSAA

Practical Development of Hybrid Intelligent Agent Systems with SoSAA

Mauro Dragone, David Lillis, Rem W. Collier and G. M. P. O'Hare

In L. Coyle and J. Freyne, editors, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. 20th Irish Conference, AICS 2009, Dublin, Ireland, August 19-21, 2009, Revised Selected Papers, pages 51--60. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 2010.


The development of intelligent Multi Agent Systems (MAS) is a non-trivial task. While much past research has focused on high-level activities such as co-ordination and negotiation, the development of tools and strategies to address the lower-level concerns of such systems is a more recent focus. SoSAA (Socially Situated Agent Architecture) is a strategy for the integration of high-level MASs on one hand with component-based systems on the other. Under the SoSAA strategy, a component-based system is used to provide the lower-level implementation of agent tasks and capabilities, allowing for the agent layer to concentrate on high-level intelligent co-ordination and organisation. This paper provides a practical perspective on how SoSAA can be used in the development of intelligent MASs, illustrating this by demonstrating how it can be used to manage backchannel transport services.