David Lillis: SIXTH Middleware for Sensor Web Enabled AR Applications

SIXTH Middleware for Sensor Web Enabled AR Applications

Abraham G. Campbell, Dominic Carr, Levent Görgü, David Lillis, Barnard Kroon and Gregory M. P. O'Hare

In 12th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2013), pages 1--6, Adelaide, Australia, 2013.


We increasingly live in a world where sensors have become truly ubiquitous in nature. Many of these sensors are an integral part of devices such as smartphones, which contain sufficient sensors to allow for their use as Augmented Reality (AR) devices. This AR experience is limited by the precision and functionality of an individual device's sensors and the its capacity to process the sensor data into a useable form. This paper discuss the current work on a mobile version of the SIXTH middleware which allows for creation of Sensor Web enabled AR applications. This paper discusses current work on mobile SIXTH, which involves the creation of a sensor web between different Android and non-Android devices. This has led to several small demonstrators which are discussed in this work in progress paper. Future work on the project will be outline the aims of the project to allow for the integration of additional devices so as to explore new abilities such as leveraging additional proprieties of those devices.