David Lillis: Semantic Network Management for Next Generation Networks

Semantic Network Management for Next Generation Networks

Christopher J. Matheus, Aidan Boran, Dominic Carr, Rem W. Collier, Barnard Kroon, Olga Murdoch, David Lillis, Michael J. O'Grady and Gregory M. P. O'Hare

Computational Intelligence, pages 1--25, 2018.


To accommodate the proliferation of heterogeneous network models and protocols, the use of semantic technologies to enable an abstract treatment of networks is proposed. Network adapters are employed to lift network specific data into a semantic representation. Semantic reasoning integrates the disparate network models and protocols into a commondatamodel by making intelligent inferences from low-level network and device details. Automatic discovery of new devices,monitoring of device state, and invocation of device actions in a generic fashion that is agnostic of network types is enabled. A prototype system called SNoMAC is described that employs the proposed approach operating over UPnP, TR-069, and heterogeneous sensors. These sensors are integrated by means of a sensor middleware named SIXTH that augments the capabilities of SNoMAC to allow for intelligent management and configuration of awide variety of sensor devices.A major benefit of this approach is that the addition of new models, protocols, or sensor types merely involves the development of a new network adapter based on an ontology. Additionally, the semantic representation of the network and associated data allows for a variety of client interfaces to facilitate human input to the management and monitoring of the system.