David Lillis: Probability-Based Fusion of Information Retrieval Result Sets

Probability-Based Fusion of Information Retrieval Result Sets

David Lillis, Fergus Toolan, Angel Mur, Liu Peng, Rem Collier and John Dunnion

In Proceedings of the 16th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS 2005), pages 147--156, Portstewart, Northern Ireland, 2005. University of Ulster.


Information Retrieval (IR) forms the basis of many information management tasks. Information management itself has becomd an extermely important area as the amount of electronically available information increases dramatically. There are numerous methods of performing the IR tasks both by utilising different techniques and through using different representations of the information available to us. It has been shown that some algorithms outperform others on certain tasks. Very little progress has been made in fusing various techniques to improve the overall retrieval performance of a system. This paper introduces a Probability-Based Fusion technique probFuse which shows initial promise in addressing this question. It also compares probFuse with the common CombMNZ data fusion technique.