David Lillis: Publications List Generator


Convert a BibTeX file into a HTML-formatted list of references

This page provides a service to convert your list of publications from BibTeX to a HTML list. It is based on the WebMake plugin that generates the publications list on this site. It is currently quite experimental, in that some BibTeX styles will contain characters that aren't translated correctly. If this occurs, please contact me and let me know.

To learn more about this program, visit the About the Publications List Generator page

In order to use the service, you must go through four steps:

  1. Upload your BibTeX file using this upload field. This file should contain all the references you want to include in your list, but may also contain other s that you don't want to include:
  2. Specify which entries from the BibTeX file you want to include in your list. Leave this blank in order to include all entries in your BibTeX file. Otherwise, enter the keys for the entries you want to include in the box below, with one entry on each line. (The "key" is the string you would use when writing a citation using a \cite{} tag in LaTeX).
  3. Choose the style of output you want to use. I've only tested a few of these myself and some styles may cause strange characters to appear in your outputs.
  4. Click the button: